Event Rental Information

We have two great rental options at our winery and brewery. For small events of 10-30 people we offer our private wine cellar which is perfect for birthday, bachelorette and corporate parties. The wine cellar seats 16 and can hold more people standing. Weddings, reunions and larger parties of 50-250 people can rent out our grounds venue. Larger events will have access to a tent and meadow area. Please see both choice options below for more information and rental request.

Cellar F.A.Q.s

Cost: $25 per hour to rent. Minimum of 2 hours. (Monday & Tuesday cellar rentals are free for groups over 10. Must purchase wine & charcuterie.)
Guest Limit: Table and seats for 16 guest. Holds 25-30 comfortably when some guest stand. Can accommodate bigger parties upon request.
Wine Selection: Must purchase a minimum of 1 bottle per 4 guest. (Ex. A party of 16 guest must purchase a minumum of 4 bottles of wine).
Wine Tastings: Tastings can only be done at the bar.
– Food: Guest can pre-order charcuterie boards to be on tables upon arrival. Cakes and desert items are allowed.
Staffing: Rental does not include any staff. A dedicated staff member can be present upon request. $25/hr for dedicated staff member.
Payment: Credit card must be held at bar before any guest arrive.
Setup and Teardown: Wine cellar can be accessed 30 minutes before your reserved time. Elegant decorations can be used in cellar.
Hours of Operation: Rental times are only allowed during our hours of operation.

Example Cellar Cost (Party of 16 for 2 hrs)

Cellar ($25/hr x 2 hours) + Wine (4 bottles x $15) = $110

Wedding, Reunions and Larger Events

Grounds Rental F.A.Q.s

Cost: Tent (40’x60′) and grounds rental is (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: $1,000), (Thursday, Friday, Sunday: $1,500), (Saturday: $2,000)
Guest Limit: Wedding size limit is 150 people under the tent with seating. Non-dinner events can hold 250 people with standing room and meadow area.
Table & Chair Cost: $20 per table and $5 per seat (min of 8 tables and 64 chairs)
Bathroom Cost: Porta Potty $200/per (min 2 for parties over 100).
– Alcohol Cost: $30 per person for open bar (wine & beer). Cash bar is available. Wine for tables (1 red/1 white) $40/table. No liquor available.
– Bar Staffing: 1 bar for 100 people or less. 2 bars for 100-250 people. Each bar will have 2 servers at a cost of $50/hr.
Event Staffing: Each event will have 1 dedicated staff member at $25/hr.
Music: Band or DJ must be approved by Urban Vines. All music must end at 10pm. No exceptions.
Catering: Events can be catered by whomever you choose. Usage of our kitchen area is $250 per event. No dishwashing is allowed by catering company.
Hours of Event: (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12-9pm), (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12-10pm)

Example Tent & Grounds Cost (Large Event)

Example #1: 150 People on Saturday (3hr): Tent ($2,000) + Tables & Chairs ($1,080) + Bathroom ($400) + Cash Bar ($0) + Staffing ($375) = $3,855
Open Bar Cost: $4,500

Example #2: 250 People on Friday (3hr): Tent ($1,500) + Tables & Chairs ($540) + Bathroom ($400) + Cash Bar ($0) + Staffing ($375) = $2,815
Open Bar Cost: $7,500

Ground & Tent Rental Request