Event Rental Information

We have three great rental options at our winery and brewery. For small events of 10-20 people we offer our private wine cellar which is perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties and smaller gatherings. For medium size gatherings of 30-80 we have our patio rental. Larger parties of 80-300 people can rent our entire facility. Larger events will have access to our wine cellar, tasting room, outside patio & grounds.

Cellar F.A.Q.s

Cost: $100 per hour to rent. Minimum of 2 hours. One case of wine (12 bottles) must be pre-ordered for your party.
Guest Limit: Table and seats for 20 guest.
Wine Selection: Must purchase a minimum of 1 case (12 bottles). You can take any left over wine home. We can also re-cork any open bottles.
Beer Selection: Beer is available at the tasting bar. Beer can not be used to substitute your minimum wine order.
Food: Guest can pre-order charcuterie boards & artisan pizzas to be on tables upon arrival. Cakes and desert items are allowed.
Staffing: Rental does not include any staff. A dedicated staff member can be present upon request. $40/hr for dedicated staff member.
Payment: Credit card must be held at bar before any guest arrive.
Setup and Teardown: Wine cellar can be accessed 30 minutes before your reserved time. Elegant decorations can be used in cellar.
Hours of Operation: Cellars can be rented Thursday thru Sunday.

Example Cellar Cost (Party of 16 for 2 hrs)

Cellar ($100/hr x 2 hours) + Wine (12 bottles x $15) = $380

If you have any questions please call us at 317-763-0678. To check availability and book your event now please fill out the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: The cellar can now only be rented Sunday thru Thursday. We use the cellar for wine tastings on Friday and Saturdays.

Patio Rental


– When: Our patio can be rented Sunday 11am-4pm ($175/hr), Monday-Tuesday 12-9pm ($150/hr), Wednesday-Friday 12-4pm ($150/hr), No rentals on Saturday.
– Cost: $150-175/hr depending on day. Minimum of 2 hours.
– Guest Limit: Table and seats for 60 guest. Holds 75-80 comfortably with some guest standing.
– Alcohol Cost: Patio rentals are required to have a $200/hr minimum bar tab. Ex. 2 hour rental would be required to have a $400 bar tab.
Staffing: One staff member dedicated to your group is included with the rental.
Music: Band or DJ must be approved by Urban Vines.
Catering: Outside catering is allowed. We do offer Artisan style pizzas and charcuterie boards.
Hours of Event: Sunday 11am-4pm, Monday-Tuesday 12-9pm, Wednesday-Friday 12-4pm, No rentals on Saturday.

Example Patio Cost (Party of 80 for 2 hrs)

Patio Rental ($150/hr x 2 hours) + Bar Tab ($200/hr x 2 hours) = $700

Patio Rental Request

Large Event Facility Rental


– When: Our facilities can be rented Sunday thru Friday. No rentals allowed on Saturday.
– Cost (4 Hour Rental): Sunday 12-4pm ($2,000), Monday ($1,000), Tuesday ($1,000), Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12-4pm ($1,500)
– Cost (Full Day Rental, 6+ Hours): Sunday ($3,000), Monday ($2,000), Tuesday ($2,000), Wednesday ($3,000) & Thursday ($4,000). Friday & Saturday not available.
– Guest Limit: During cold months our total indoor capacity is 150 people. During warm months our indoor and outdoor capacity is 300 people.
– Alcohol Cost: Rentals are required to have a $200/hr minimum bar tab.
Staffing: All staff is included in your rental fee.
Music: Band or DJ must be approved by Urban Vines.
Catering: Events can be catered by whomever you choose. We do offer artisan style pizzas and charcuterie boards.

Example Full Facility Event Cost (Party 200 People for 4 Hours)

Sunday Rental ($2,000) + Bar Tab ($200/hr x 4 hours) = $2,800

Large Event Rental Request