Indianapolis’s original heated igloos! A snowy day, great friends, great wine and a heated igloo for privacy! Anyone who would like to keep warm but still spend time outdoors with friends and family. The igloo domes seat up to ten people and include a heater and lights. The igloos can be rented any day by online only. The igloos are available November through March. 

Igloo Rentals

Reserve your igloo fun below!

Igloos can be reserved from 11/01/20 thru 03/19/21. Each reservation is for 2 hours.

Igloo F.A.Q.s

– How to Rent: The only way to rent is online. Please see above to rent.
– Cost
     • Monday – Tuesday : $50 for 2 hours
      • Wednesday – Sunday : $100 for 2 hours
 Refunds / Cancelation Policy
     • Cancelations : You must cancel your reservation 4 days before your reservation day to get a refund. After the 4 days no refund will be issued.
     • Weather Cancelations: Refunds will not be given due to weather conditions (too warm, too cold, too windy, raining, etc.). Urban Vines will determine morning of the reservation if we will cancel and provide a refund due to unsafe conditions.
– Gift Cards: Gift cards cannot be used to reserve an igloo. You may use them to go towards your bill.
– Guest Limit: Igloos have comfortable seating for up to 10 guests.
– Food: NO OUTSIDE FOOD PLEASE. Check out our menus here
     • Monday – Tuesday : Charcuterie Only.
      • Wednesday – Sunday : Full menu available.
– Food: Pre-order option for Wednesday-Sunday (please email for more information). 
– Heating: Igloos are heated but can still be chilly so please dress appropriately.
– Service: Igloos come with a server. Your drinks and food will be delivered to you.
– Payment: One tab per an Igloo. Credit card must be held at the start of the reservation.
– Availability: See availability above. 
– Children: Children are allowed but younger children may not enjoy the tight conditions.
– Pets: No pets allowed in igloos.
– Smoking: No smoking on the premises.
– Outside Food & Drinks: No outside food or drinks.