Musician and Vendor Request

Are you looking to play at Urban Vines or participate as a vendor in an upcoming event? Please fill out the form below! 


Vendor/Food Truck

  • Family Friendly Music 
  • Ready to perform 15 minutes before show
  • Cleanup must be complete no later than 20 minutes after show
  • Tip jars are allowed 
  • No free food 
  • Urban Vines will purchase one drink for each musician during their performance.
    • Must receive from the shift supervisor. 
  • Performance must be three hours with one 15 minute break
  • Payment will be made at the end of show by Shift Supervisor
  • Musician must be respectful to Urban Vines policies and can be removed if failure to do so:
    • No call/no show
    • Not giving providing a proper cancelling notice
    • Not settling up any tabs before leaving 
    • Complaining 
    • Not following our noise policy
    • Not being respectful to Urban Vines team or customers
  • All musicians need to provide any requirement needed for their performance (sound, etc)