Igloo Rentals

Reserve your igloo fun below!

Igloos will be available starting 11/01/19-03/31/20

Come check out Indianapolis’s only heated igloos! A snowy day, great friends, great wine and a heated igloo for privacy! Anyone who would like to keep warm but still spend time outdoors with friends and family. The igloo domes seat up to eight people and include a heater, music and lights. The igloos can be rented any day by online only. The igloos are available November through March. 

Igloo F.A.Q.s

How to Rent: The only way to rent is online. Please see above to rent.
– Cost: $10/hr Sun-Wed. $20/hr Thur-Sat. Can be rented 1-3 hours. (Cost is per group. So a group of 8 people on a Saturday would pay $40 for 2 hours.)
– Guest Limit: Igloos have comfortably seating for up to 8 guest.
Heating: Igloos are heated but can still be chilly so please dress appropriately.
– Service: Igloos are self service. You must still come to the bar for drinks. Pizzas and charcuterie will be delivered to your igloo.
Payment: Credit card must be held at bar before any guest arrive.
Availability: Igloos can be rented anytime we are open. See availability above.
Children: Children are allowed but younger children may not enjoy the tight conditions.